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SCHWALENBERG Industrietechnik GmbH was founded in 1920. Today the company is part of the SCHAUENBURG International Group. The headquarters is Mülheim-Ruhr in the Federal Republic of Germany. The key focus of the portfolio is on moulded parts, stamped parts, profile technology, special parts and rubber and plastic component assembly. Innovations such as the high-temperature resistant foam tube, vacuum lip frame for the manufacture of laminated glass panes or kits for rainwater use evidence the development competence. SCHWALENBERG is positioned internationally and is an esteemed partner of the automotive, cooling and air-conditioning technology, glass manufacturing as well as building and environmental technology industries. Alongside these many other sectors are supplied. The traditional company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Flexibility and reliability are SCHWALENBERG’s quality features. Experienced specialists assist the customers in all project phases – from the first product idea to prompt serial production. Engineering supports the partners in all searches for solutions where increased efficiency and sustainability are at the centre. And this is done in a convincing price/performance ratio.

One of the most popular products is a foam tube that is used as a protective coat for pulley rope and operating systems. The quality developed by SCHWALENBERG here is specially designed for high temperatures. While conventional tubes are designed for 100 °C, the Schwalenberg version has a temperature resistance of 125 °C. In addition this recyclable material meets the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directives.

For moulded rubber parts too SCHWALENBERG is the right contact. The range includes moulded parts in large and small batch production for the automotive (pulley rope systems), electrics (switching equipment) and mechanical engineering (drive technology) areas, to name just a few examples. The products made from a great variety of materials are optimally adapted to the customers’ system requirements. Bellows, nozzles, collars, and sealing elements are developed with high material expertise and fit seamlessly into technologically optimised overall systems.

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With a view to vibration reduction and sealing, it is no longer possible to imagine being without polymer technology in the production of moulded parts. In this connection, SCHWALENBERG offers customised material and function solutions based on rubber, plastic, silicones and fluorelastomers. In the area of stamped part technology, alongside all currently available rubber qualities, foamed materials are also processed. Thanks to the machinery available, the comprehensive provision of pre-material and short-notice toolmaking, the company can react flexibly and quickly.

SCHWALENBERG has developed vacuum lip profiles for the glass industry. This product has particularly proved its worth in the manufacture of laminated glass panes in small and medium batch production of up to 250 pieces. The modular system is manufactured to individual drawing in the scale 1:1. The vacuum lip profiles are often used as very small runs within research and development projects. Even where there are extraordinary technical challenges as well as in small batch production in car manufacturing, this development plays to its advantages.

Building and environmental technology also benefits from the competence in rubber and plastic. Here the company has made a name for itself as a full-service supplier for piping systems for the use of rainwater. The kits include pipes, fittings and strainers. These systems are for universal use. The range of services is supplemented by wide logistics support. Kanban and consignment storage are options of a service- and customer-oriented supply. In the case of existing outline agreements the warehousing can be carried out by SCHWALENBERG.

Whether moulded or stamped parts, piping or profile technology, special parts or component assembly: SCHWALENBERG stands for quality, reliability and efficiency everywhere. Specific customer requirements are supported to the maximum. 

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