Due to the Corona crisis our plant is currently closed.
In urgent cases, you can reach your contact person at the respective mobile phone number.
We ask for your understanding.

Ansprechpartner Schroer

Peter Schroer

Mobile +49 171 9765193
E-Mail schroer@schwalenberg-muelheim.de

Ansprechpartner Schulz

Patrick Schulz
Authorised signatory

Mobile +49 170 5619599
E-Mail schulz@schwalenberg-muelheim.de

Ansprechpartner Birk

Andreas Birk
Quality Assurance

Mobile +49 151 41431759
E-Mail birk@schwalenberg-muelheim.de

Ansprechpartner Grosse-Segerath

Julian Große-Segerath
Sales force / Sales

Mobile +49 151 62828455
E-Mail segerath@schwalenberg-muelheim.de

Ansprechpartner Kleinschwaerzer

Hans-Jürgen Kleinschwärzer
Technical sales

Mobile +49 151 29804721
E-Mail kleinschwaerzer@schwalenberg-muelheim.de