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Kunststoffformteile, Härtegrade, spezifische Farben

Thanks to their versatile range of uses SCHWALENBERG plastic moulded parts perform a great variety of functions in industrial production. There are various materials in specific hardness grades and colours available. The fully automatic production facilities manufacture the products as 1K moulded parts, 2K moulded parts, as mechanically processed moulded parts or as dip moulded parts to name the most important variants.

Schwalenberg Formteile 14017 027Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 118Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 107

Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 102Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 077Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 104

Materials (available in various Shore hardnesses and colours)

· PA
· PB
· Weich-PVC 
  · PE
· PP
· PC
· POM 


Primary application areas
· Housing sealsHousing seals
· Slide and bearing rollersSlide and bearing rollers
· Gearing and bearing elements
· Sealing, damping and guiding elements
· Insulating elements

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