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Top quality: series production

As precision moulded parts or elastomer composite parts, rubber moulded parts fulfil a wide variety of important functions. We tell you about the various products and their characteristics as well as the respective fields of application. Rubber moulded parts are produced using special manufacturing processes according to their concrete purpose. Notwithstanding the specific application, series production is used since the demand for these products in various industries is high.

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Rubber moulded parts are highly resistant to media and temperatures depending on the material. They are even suited for industrial processes that for example involve powerful chemical reactions. A high quality standard for manufacturing in series production ensures low wear and high durability in subsequent use, depending on the feedstock. EPDM, CR and other elastomers are among the materials used. These are among other things ideal as sealing elements.

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(available in various Shore hardnesses and colours)

· NR
  · VMQ
· CR

Rubber moulded parts are of great importance to engineers since they offer maximum design freedom. The outstanding stretch characteristics are useful both for precise micro-moulded parts and for high-volume parts. Special methods can also be used to improve the sliding characteristics of the parts. This includes the reduction of friction, which optimises the respective production process, saves energy and makes assembly easier.

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Use of rubber moulded parts in various industries

Rubber moulded parts are used in various industries thanks to their different sizes and high resilience. They are used:

· For sealing pumps or switching system
· As insulation against heat, moisture and dirt
· To prevent wear and tear

Sealing is the most common and important function of rubber moulded parts. Their efficiency and longevity ensures a safe working environment. Moulded parts are also used as vibration dampers and stop systems for doors. Damping reduces signs of wear and also the noise emissions of the respective machine.

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Thanks to elastic properties, the parts are readily usable as membranes. They can be used as impact protection or protective covers for highly sensitive equipment. Rubber moulded parts can also be used as abrasion protection for cable feedthroughs. Their protection function includes keeping out moisture, compensating for expansion and vibrations, protecting against heat, UV rays and flying sparks, and shielding against dirt and dust. The rubber material is equally well suited for sealing and insulating.

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Examples for the use of rubber moulded parts

· Sealing cable/Bowden cable systems
· Bumpers, boots, protective sleeves, cuffs
· Gear mechanism sealing
· Stop systems for doors
· Vibration damping
· Sealing elements for switching systems/control cabinets
· Pump seals· Boots for rail vehicles

Thanks to these numerous possible applications, rubber moulded parts manufactured in series production are used in a wide variety of industries. Various precision moulded parts are used in the automobile industry and for rail vehicles. Agricultural machines, harvesters and the food industry depend on these parts as well. The damping and sealing elements are used in industrial robots, construction machines and various commercial vehicles. These parts are also essential in the furniture industry and canteen kitchen technology. Rubber moulded parts are frequently integrated into everyday household appliances as well.

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The individual products manufactured using special series production methods are as different as the industries are varied. Rubber moulded parts can for example take the shape of highly elastic moulded hoses for flexible installation. Boots on the other hand serve as compensating elements between two structures. As impact protection for a crane or seals for printing machines, rubber moulded parts are needed wherever the sealing, damping or insulation of equipment is desired.

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