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The company has comprehensive know-how in the manufacture of sealing elements in particular bellows, nozzles and collars. Depending on need, the developments consist of a great variety of materials and are optimally adapted to the customers’ system requirements. There is a choice of various design variants such as for example hard-soft combinations, dip or ready-made moulded rubber parts. All products fit seamlessly into technologically demanding total solutions.

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Schwalenberg Formteile 13144 0243Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 088Schwalenberg Formteile 13194 098

(available in various Shore hardnesses and colours)

· NR
  · VMQ
· CR
· Thermoplastic elastomers


Primary application areas:
· Sealing cable/pulley systems
· Buffers; bellows; nozzles; collars
· Gear sealing
· Stop system for door systems
· Vibration damping
· Seals for switch systems/distribution cabinets
· Pump seals
· Bellows for rail vehicles

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