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recyclingfähige Schaumstoffrohre, temperaturbeständig

While traditional foam tubing is designed for 100°C, our special development has a thermal stability of up to 125°C. Thus this foam tubing is predestined for use in hot and heavy-duty environments. It has superbly shown its robustness as a protective coat for harness systems as well as pulley rope and control systems. In addition to its functionality it demonstrates a high degree of economic viability and environmental performance.

The material is 100% recyclable and thus meets the End-of-Life Vehicle Directives of the EU. Fixing is carried out by means of hose rings so tensile force is ensured and unhealthy gluing activities are superfluous. Alongside the automotive and commercial vehicle sector, mechanical engineering and industrial electronics also benefit from this innovative product.

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· fully recyclable
· meets the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directives
· meets the FMVSS 302 fire standard
· low water absorption, absorption of water < 1.0%
· material registration in the IMDS
· thermal stability from -40°C to +125°C

Test criteria
· Cold test -40°C under BMW N 6002 00.0 Part 4 Method “R”
· Fire protection tested to FMVSS 302
· Water absorption tested to ASTM D570 (ISO 62)
· chemical resistance (e.g. BMW dewaxing emulsion)
· Determination of the stabilisers for various contact materials
· Determination of the thermal oxidation stability in air

· Protective coat for pulley rope and control systems
· Protective coat for harness systems
· Rattle suppression

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Designs available
· By the metre on cardboard spools
· Fixed lengths
· various colours according to requirements
· Inside diameter from 3 mm with -0.5/+1 mm production tolerance
· Outside diameter with -/+1 mm production tolerance

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