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Heißluftextrusion, Schaumextrusion, Coextrusion

SCHWALENBERG rubber and plastic profiles are just as valued among car, construction equipment and rail vehicles manufacturers as in machine manufacture, in the steel industry, the packaging industry and air conditioning technology. The current manufacturing methods include salt bath extrusion, hot air extrusion, foam extrusion and coextrusion. Various material qualities and design variants ensure a high use potential for a great variety of industrial applications.

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· NR
· CR
· Silikon
· Viton etc.

· PE
· PA
· PU
· PP
· TPE etc.
· By the metre
· Fixed lengths
· Assembly into endless rings, frames or inflatable gaskets
· Special profiles with cable strands, yarn reinforcement or according to customer requirements
· Standard profiles (round-, square and U-profiles etc.)
· Windscreen gaskets
· Rattle suppression and damping
· Seals and covers
· Silicone switch profiles
· Measuring technology
· Automotive technology

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