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SCHWALENBERG has developed vacuum lip profiles for the glass industry. This product has particularly proved its worth in the manufacture of laminated glass panes in small and medium batch production of up to 250 pieces. The modular system of T-pieces, angle brackets and hose is manufactured to individual drawing in the scale 1:1. The vacuum lip profiles are often used as very small runs within research and development projects. Even where there are extraordinary technical challenges as well as in small batch production in car manufacturing, this development plays to its advantages. Until 2003 the company had legal registered design protection on the manufacture of the vacuum profiles.

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· Manufacture of laminated glass panes (vacuuming)
· For laminated glass thicknesses from 3 mm
· Temperature ranges up to 150°C

· Profile type 1 for laminated glass 3-4 mm thick in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 2 for laminated glass up to 7 mm thick in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 3 for laminated glass up to 12 mm thick in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 4 for laminated glass up to 20 mm thick in silicone

· Frames with corner connections and T-piece:
  - 90° angle
  - 70° angle
  - 40° angle
· Rings with T-piece
· Connection for vacuum hose
  - T-piece
· With vulcanised-on vacuum hose 

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