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Schwalenberg Profiltechnik in Serienproduktion Auto Glasscheibe

With the vacuum profile, Schwalenberg has found an ingenious solution for glass production in small to large series. The innovative, perfectly fitting vacuum lip profiles are made to order according to an individual drawing with a 1:1 scale. This allows the glass industry to offer complete solutions for the automotive sector, even in small series. Very small series are for example utilised in the development of a new product.

Advantages of the vacuum profile:

· Perfectly adaptable to the respective project
· Strong and stable even under challenging conditions
· Choice of various profile types – up to a composite thickness of 20 mm
· Use of innovative materials such as silicone and elastomer
· Profile angle available in different versions

Schwalenberg Vakuumlippenprofil Autoglas Erprobung KleinserienSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil sicherer Halt in der Glasindustrie

Vacuum lip profiles adapt to virtually any pane shape. As an innovative research partner for the automobile industry, Schwalenberg supports entirely new insights and results in the development and testing of new products within the glass industry.

Schwalenberg Vakuumprofil Porsche-Profil Autoglas
Appropriate solutions for development and production

Bulk stock is extruded and cut to length for each vacuum profile. Then the corners and T-pieces are vulcanised with the help of injection tools. This results in a number of design possibilities. The solution is efficient and cost-effective, especially for small series and medium-sized production runs up to 250 units.

Schwalenberg Verbindungsstück Vakuumprofil Autoglas KleinserieSchwalenberg Verbindungsstücke Vakuumprofile für PrototypenSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil T-Stück T-Verbindung Schwalenberg Vakuumprofil Eckverbindung Individuelle Anpassung Autoglas

Schwalenberg connecting piece vacuum profile automotive glazing small series Schwalenberg connecting pieces vacuum profiles for prototypes Schwalenberg vacuum profile T-piece T-connection Schwalenberg vacuum profile corner connection individual adaptation automotive glazing. When a company in the glass industry faces special technical challenges, the variety of individual elements such as corners in a selection of versions contributes to the perfect adaptation of the vacuum profile. Schwalenberg is able to produce all vacuum profiles quickly and in perfection thanks to the system’s simplicity. This means there are no time delays in automobile manufacturing and research, so a project can be completed as planned.

Schwalenberg Porsche und Mondeo Vakuumprofil Verbundglas

Schwalenberg offers its profile solutions in different versions that are tested in the automotive sector under normal conditions. Precise manufacturing is the key to success. A high load bearing capacity is always assured by the vacuum process.

Schwalenberg Mondeo Vakuumprofil bis 3-4mm Stärke VerbundglasSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil Normales Profil Verbundglas bis 7mm StärkeSchwalenberg Porsche Vakuumprofil bis 12mm Stärke VerbundglasSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil Profilstaerken 15040 1023 web


· Profile type 1 (Mondeo profile) for laminated glass, thickness 3-4 mm, in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 2 (normal profile) for laminated glass, thickness up to 7 mm, in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 3 (Porsche profile) for laminated glass, thickness up to 12 mm, in silicone and elastomer
· Profile type 4 (Maxi profile) for laminated glass, thickness up to 20 mm, in silicone

Schwalenberg – a strong industry partner with the vacuum profile

Schwalenberg has been a strong and flexible industry partner since the company was founded. Thanks to individually adaptable elements, the products are used in many fields such as the automobile industry. The vacuum profile is the perfect example of an innovative product that helps many partners in the glass industry and automobile sector realise custom solutions. Individual parameters that can be adapted to the project or product in small series lead to tailor-made processing. In case of the profile in question, this is the ideal method for laminated glass panes with a thickness of three millimetres and up. The resilient material withstands temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Schwalenberg Vakuumprofil individuelle Maße für KleinserienSchwalenberg Vakuumring Ringrahmen Auto Industrie VerbundglasSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil Dreieck Hohe Belastbarkeit und Halt

Versions depending on the profile type (frames with corner connections and T-piece):

· 90° angle
· 70° angle
· 40° angle
· Rings with T-piece
· Connection for the vacuum hose
· T-piece
· With vacuum hose connected by vulcanisation

Schwalenberg vacuum profiles corner connections table

Schwalenberg Vakuumprofil Rahmen mit Eckverbindung 90 Grad WinkelSchwalenberg Vakuumprofil Rahmen mit Eckwinkel 70 Grad Schwalenberg Vakuumprofil Rahmen mit Eckwinkel 40 Grad

Automobile industry partner

Schwalenberg is a partner of choice for the automobile industry with this solution. Small series and products in the development phase can be thoroughly tested this way. Laminated glass can be readily installed in frames of any version. Automotive suppliers and the automobile industry can gain insights with the help of this product, leading to a better marketable product.

Schwalenberg Vakuumprofile Automobilbranche Verbundglas Entwicklungsphase  
Schwalenberg vacuum profiles automobile industry laminated glass development phase  Schwalenberg vacuum profiles automobile industry laminated glass development phase  The profiles are easy and safe to use so that work on existing projects can continue without delay. The flexibility of the materials supports pane shapes that cannot be fitted into a frame using conventional means. Curves or special patterns can be easily taken into account during profile fabrication. Each profile includes all components required for immediate use.

Schwalenberg Vakuumprofile für Kleinserien in der Automobilbranche

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