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Whether rubber qualities or foamed materials: our stamped part technology of our own manufacture will secure you an optimum solution for every need. The machinery is excellently equipped with swivel arm die, beam cutting press, CNC die and travelling head die. As cutting tools, steel rule, complete, sharp cut and scissor cut dies are used.
Among the most important sectors supplied with stamped parts are car manufacturers and their suppliers, machine manufacture, the food industry, sealing technology, the packaging industry and air conditioning technology.

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Materials and qualities

· CR
· Silicone etc.

· Cellular polyethylene
· Cellular rubber
· Polyurethane
· Foam rubber
· Armaflex etc.

Fields of application
· Rattle suppression
· Vibration protection
· Sealing
· Damping
· Upholstery
· Distance spacer
· Cover
· Insulation etc.

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