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A broad industry mix

Schwalenberg Industrietechnik GmbH based in Mülheim an der Ruhr is a diversified company. We have been serving numerous customers successfully for many years. Our products are virtually universal in application and meet the various requirements of our customers. Every industry is different. We understood this many years ago, and embedded that knowledge in our company philosophy.
Schwalenberg Sectors Wind power Automotive Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Schwalenberg Sectors white goods Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Schwalenberg Sectors Rail vehicles Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Over the years we developed more and more industries, accumulated a wide range of experience and steadily expanded our know-how. Customers in the automobile industry and its suppliers are among our leading buyers. Various mechanical engineering and sealing technology firms are also among them along with companies in the food industry, air conditioning technology and the packaging industry. Some of our customers produce glass products or rail vehicles. Companies in the fields of hydraulics and measuring technology are among our customers as well. That is merely a small selection of the industries we serve. We will gladly work with you to develop individual concepts and solutions for a successful partnership. We can supply just about any company with exactly the right products. You will find us wherever moulded parts, punched parts, profile technology, special parts and assemblies made of rubber or plastic are needed.
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International player

Our customers operate around the world. We are a global company that serves its customers in many countries. Our partners value our extensive expertise, reliability and also our creativity. Whether a company is large or small does not play a role. Our customers include major global players, midsize enterprises and newly founded start-ups. We deliver large or small quantities, and producing individual items is no problem for us. We provide specific support for companies or offer integrated solutions that meet just about every need.Schwalenberg Sectors Mechanical engineering Plant engineering Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Schwalenberg Sectors Glass industry Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Schwalenberg Sectors Packaging industry Schauenburg Industrietechnik industrial partner Here is an overview of the main industries in which our customers operate:

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Schwalenberg Icon Automotive Automotive Schwalenberg Icon Elektroindustrie Electrical industry
Schwalenberg Icon Maschinenbau Anlgebau Mechanical engineering and plant construction Schwalenberg Icon Glasindustrie Glass industry
Schwalenberg Icon Handel Retail Schwalenberg Icon Schienenfahrzeuge Rail vehicles
Schwalenberg Icon Klimatechnik Air conditioning technology Schwalenberg Icon sonstiges further sectors


Individual and future-oriented

Naturally we know that every industry and each company is unique. That is exactly where our know-how and experience come in. Our employees are always able to understand an industry’s or company’s individual requirements in order to offer the right solutions. We work closely with our customers to reach the goal together. Our employees are highly motivated and always work efficiently. Even for short-term projects, we keep finding ways to realise the objective.

Always current with the latest developments

Highly modern machines and ongoing digitalisation define day-to-day operations in most companies. This is a continuous process that will keep advancing. Our employees are intimately familiar with these developments. The products and solutions offered by Schwalenberg Industrietechnik GmbH are continuously adapted to the latest needs and requirements of our customers. This ensures that we and our customers remain competitive. We look forward to a successful and profitable future with them. All of our solutions have something in common: they are subject to Schwalenberg’s high quality standards, representing the greatest durability and highest possible quality. Our traditional company is also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.