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C-Parts-Management is one of the proven, practice-oriented services offered by SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik. We optimise procurement processes for maximum supply security, which leads to a maximum reduction in stocks and sustainably lowers costs.

Schwalenberg Industrietechnik, Service , parts management 12157 843Your advantages:
• Maximum supply security
• Cost-efficient purchasing
• Optimized and transparent procurement processes
• Lower capital commitment
• Reduced stock keeping
• Saving resources


The purchasing volume of C-Parts is very low, but the procurement effort is very high. In current production, the reordering of these items and the coordination of capacities and capital are tying up resources. With the C-Parts-Management we offer a simplification of these processes, more clarity and transparency in the organisation of C-Parts. This management includes all logistics tasks from one source, from procurement to stocking and provisioning. In this way, you relieve the strain on your warehousing and improve overall profitability. 

As your competent C-Parts partner, we offer a choice of different modules which can be combined as required and individually tailored to your production operation:
• Procurement
• Logistics
• B2B connection
• Multi-container systems
• Kanban
• Storage